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Quotes My family and I decided to do family pictures and by family I mean 17 people. Even with the overwhelming amount of people Kerry managed to keep complete control and order among the group....which was not easy when there was 5 screaming/ unpleasant children. Then on top of all that the weather was not the nicest weather. With all these things working against us our photo still came out BEAUTIFUL. I would have to say Kerry is one of the nicest most patient photographers I have used to date and will be hiring her again in the future :) Quotes
Shelly MacDonald

Quotes Just wanted to let everyone know how pleased I am at how well our family Christmas pictures went. I got them back and they turned out great!!! I love them so much. It is very well worth it and Kerry does a excellent job, all the pictures were exactly what I was looking for and feel very pleased to be able to hand them out to friends and family!! She works well with children and she put up with us all day, just taking our time to do diaper changes, bottle feedings and even wardrobe changes!!! So if anyone wants excellent pictures, I suggest you get Kerry to do them!!She has excellent ideas for them and Dimitri loved being tied up in christmas lights!! They turned out perfect! and love her for doing them, thanks again Kb!! I'll be bugging ya again to get more done when the weather gets nice. Love ya, Sue, Tim, Dimitri and Liam!! Quotes
Sue Moore

Quotes Everyone who saw the pictures Kerry wanted to know who the great photographer did a wonderful job and thank you for them all! Quotes
Cindy Perrin

Quotes Kerry, We were so blessed to have you as our wedding day photographer. You made the day so enjoyable for all that were involved. Your down-to-earth and laid back attitude was exactly what we wanted for our photographer. The photos are absolutely amazing, you captured all of the "little moments" that were so important to us. Thanks again, Liz & Frase Quotes
Liz Roddick

Quotes My husband and I decided we would like to have a family picture taken. Our children are 6 & 8, this being our first family picture, we were very excited. I had seen some still pictures that Kerry had taken and asked if she would be interested in taking our family photo. We wanted an outside fall picture so we could capture the wonderful colors. We had picked two places that we thought would be nice for our photo. Kerry took several pictures trying different poses and areas. She was great with the kids and was able to get a smile out of them every time. The pictures turned out fantastic, every picture captured perfectly. Kerry was very flexible and was able to work around our schedule. My family and I had a great afternoon spent taking pictures (we had several laughs). This was a great experience. We will be calling Kerry for our next family pictures. Highly recommended! The Benoit Family Quotes
The Benoit Family

Quotes Kerry I just love all the pictures; the way that you capture the light and shadow makes them very dramatic. The collections show that you have a very artistic eye! You are very talented! Sarah Wood Quotes
Sarah Wood

Quotes Kerry was easy to work with, she was very accommodating to schedule changes. She really listened to what it was that we wanted and the pictures turned out beautiful. I've gotten a lot of good feedback from everyone who sees the pictures and I am more than happy to tell who took them. Ashley Herbert Quotes
Ashley Herbert
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